And yet there is hope

Wherever we look, we see a world in disarray. Not only in Ukraine, that is now literally in ruins, but across the globe gruesome atrocities are taking place on a daily basis. The climate catastrophe, [...]

To be or not to be, that’s the question

‘Did COVID turn on the light?’ was the headline of last year’s New Year Wish. We then concluded that, in addition to increasing fear and polarization, the call for change was rapidly becoming louder. Symbool [...]

Did covid turn on the light?

Did covid turn on the light? 2020 was harsh, yes, most definitely. Corona intensified polarization, struggle and fear in the world, but the year fortunately also scattered hopeful sparkles of light. One of [...]

Synthesis; destination ánd place of birth

Synthesis; destination and place of birth? Building bridges, inclusion, diversity, participation and integration. Noble attempts to synthesise in a divided society where chosen solutions stem from thinking in opposites. After all, they are [...]

Talking about ‘together’

You and us, we have something in common. Like an interest in each other, a shared vision or a long-term collaboration. In all of this this the word ‘together’ is key which is of great [...]