Team analysis

Practical information

  • What is it: assessment of the team’s talents, opportunities, obstacles and development direction
  • Content: determining the Collective DevelopmentKey of the team
  • Form: conversations and workshop(s)
  • Aim: insight into the team’s talents, (im)possibilities and development goals
  • Yield: team’s foundation and development direction with regard to cooperation, culture and results
  • Target group: teams in all shapes and sizes

We can also support you in drawing up an action plan for the continued development of your team.

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About this analysis

A team is similar to a human being. With its distinctive qualities, potentials, oddities, areas for development and blind spots. A team is therefore not a mere collection of individuals, but an entity in itself. With its own personality; an individuality, a distinctive culture. And it is different from that of other teams or groups they have to collaborate with.

While things often go well, at times the different team cultures do not compute very well. Resulting in bad communication, inefficiency, irritation and distrust. ‘Their’ DNA seems too different. However, in this aspect of ‘difference’ a special opportunity for development and more fruitful cooperation can be found ’.

Our unique group analysis (Collective Development Key ©) provides insight into the DNA of your team and provides leads to the improvement of your relationships with other groups.

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