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Developing a vision

Practical information

  • What is it: organisational advice
  • Content: formulating a vision on the development of your organization
  • Form: workshops and/or conversations MT
  • Aim: to clarify vision, to lay the foundation for a development strategy
  • Yield: building blocks for a service-minded organization
  • Target group: management, administrative bodies
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Assumptions, morality and societal responsibility are increasingly under discussion. That is encouraging. Because a lack of insight into interdependence and cohesion, resulted in (old) positions and perspectives that were not always just. This calls for more vision on a service-minded organisation. An organisation that understands that wellbeing implies sufficient profit, but profit does not necessarily imply wellbeing. An organisation that truly puts the customer’s interests first and helps employees develop into loyal and competent team members.

In short, an organisation that looks beyond the limits of short-term gain. Because insight into interdependence and service is in everyone’s best interest.


  •     Causes, phenomena, undercurrents and development
  •     Culture, nature and image
  •     Culture and development
  •     More than the sum of its parts
  •     Change and resistance
  •     Societal responsibility
  •     Servant leadership

Other types of organisational advice we offer

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