Missing: my second half

In her book ‘Missing: My Second Half’ Tineke Liefhebber presents defiant thoughts. Are you unhappy, confused, in a difficult relationship, career in a slump? Yes, that is certainly due to negative experiences from our past. It is, for example, the fault of that patronizing mother, that absent father or that unreliable partner. Is it not?

Precisely this reassuring thought is called into question by Tineke; people are not born as blank pieces of paper, but with innate talents that will emerge. With a fledgling character that already has its own colour and therefore unwittingly and unintentionally creates part of his own life experiences.

Tineke has developed this view, which is based on a polar-complementary understanding of mankind, into an effective analytical system, in which unexpected aspects of people (Individual DevelopmentKey), team and organisation (Collective DevelopmentKey) come to light.

In her book she delves into the relationship between polarity and human development. Everyone who takes their own development and that of others seriously, will find many useful new ideas in ‘Missing: My Second Half’.

Currently, only available in Dutch print.

ISBN 90-808820-1-1, NUR 600 Informatief/professioneel algemeen

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