Me as a team member

Practical information

  • What is it: individual coaching trajectory
  • Content: functioning within the dynamics of a group
  • Form: Talent and development assessment (IDK © analysis) + coaching sessions
  • Aim: improving your connecting with the team
  • Yield: self-development, effective and satisfactory use of your strengths for the benefit of the team
  • Target group: for individual team members whose team contribution is insufficiently materialized or acknowledged
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About this coaching track

The job needs to be done well; that much is clear. You also desire this from your colleagues, but the collaborative effort does not always run smoothly. No matter the work you put in. Very frustrating, because you depend on each other to achieve goals. Perhaps you think that your colleagues fail to take responsibility, do not stick to their agreements, communicate too little or too aggressively, or saddle other’s with their work. And take that endless seeking of compromises, those braggarts or worrywarts. There’s always something else the matter… or always the same…

It actually does not really matter what the theme is. When the team entails an energy leakage for you, it is time for action. Because you cannot change them anyway … or maybe a little bit? Discover your growth opportunities in this individual coaching track.

Possible theme’s:

  • this is simply how I am – self-confidence
  • mind, heart, emotions – what should we do with them?
  • give space, take space
  • cooperating and communicating
  • dealing with pitfalls and resistances
  • acting in a group
  • connecting effectively
  • creating common ground
  • ownership and personal learning goals

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Me as a team member

Together through one door

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