Afrekenen met miscommunicatie

Ending miscommunication

Practical information

  • What is it: in-company workshop series
  • Content: natural laws of communication, communication styles (especially yours), cause and effect
  • Form: workshop(s) relating to and using your case studies
  • Aim: preventing and tackling communication issues within your organization
  • Yield: insight into oneself, mutual understanding, dialogue free of judgement, stress reduction
  • Target group: (higher) management

About this workshop(s)

They do not do what is asked of them. The management layers below you say the same thing: “They do not listen.” A fascinating and elusive matter. But do not think it is unwillingness. Because your colleague in the lowest salary scale says exactly the same thing. Only he points upwards. Also to you.
Only few truly hear each other. Despite the good intentions. Curious to know why this is the case? Or are you mainly interested in the reason why the feedback training hardly produced any results? Or are you looking for ways to better understand those not-to-the-point-getters, the to-conclusion-jumpers, the know-it-alls, the pipe-dreamers, the doubters, oysters or stonewallers. And to support them, of course.


  • Brain related communication systems 
  • laws of communication
  • ordering of thought and communication
  • communicating vessels, drawing in and repelling
  • polarity and synthesis
  • Babylonian confusion
  • ‘you worry too much’ and ‘here we go again’
  • make one’s bed and lie in it
  • feedback
  • seeking consensus

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