Team effectiveness

Practical information

  • What is it: workshop series for teams
  • Content: working on location, direction and learning objectives, communication and cooperation
  • Form: 3 workshops in a team setting
  • Goal: increasing team effectiveness
  • Yield: self-reflection, common ground for team goals, inspiring work relations, results
  • Target group: teams in all shapes and sizes
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About these workshops

In order to work together enthusiastically and constructively, everyone in your team has a clear and unambiguous picture of the collective goal. The route to achieving this goal and who does what and when is clear as well. All team members are committed and motivated, deliver their part with inspiration and in good consultation, and know what is expected of their team colleagues. Or not quite (yet) at the moment…?

Then it is time to act to align the individual images and expectations. To gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses in teamwork, to set development goals and to make a plan that has everyone’s support. Only in this manner can the team’s effectiveness increase in the short term.

Are you looking for a more intensive development process in which the personal talents of team colleagues are integrally connected to team development, have a look at ‘Bundling team talents together’

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