Managing change

Practical information

  • What is it: workshop(s). Amount and depth depending on your demands
  • Content: creating support for change and ownership for implementation
  • Teaching method: in-company workshop(s). Or more in depth in coaching, training or organisational advice
  • Aim: insight into the laws of nature that govern processes of change
  • Yield: basic information for the creation of common ground within change processes; ‘getting people on board’
  • Target group: (higher) management, process and project management, change managers
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About this workshop

An inspiring appetizer as the basis for transforming a ‘plan-do-check-go’ into the creation of common ground and lesser resistance. Because resistance consumes eats energy. Because resistance creates friction and friction generates heat. Wasted energy.

We critically examined the different phases in successful development processes and discovered an overlooked aspect in existing theories and models. This aspect explains the conflicting views and difficult acceptance of ideas or changes. We would like to share this view in order to minimize the bumps in the road ahead when you set out to realize organisational change. Because the thought that ‘others do not want change’ prevents you from reaching the goal and also depreciates the colleagues involved.

And yes; we also introduce a new model. But the fact that so many are circulating suggests that not one of them is entirely satisfactory. And that there is a need for it as well.

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