Management Development

MD In-company

Practical information

  • What is it: in-company talent development programme
  • Content: analysis of personality profile (IDK-Analysis), personal development, leadership, cooperation
  • Form: workshops, analyses, lessons and conversations as part of your existing or to-be-created MD projects.
  • Aim: developing management talent
  • Yield: managers with a deep understanding of themselves who (as a result) understand others and can take them along 
  • Target group: management potential
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About this programme

In a time when the same tasks need to be performed by fewer people, the soft skills of managers are decisive. Organisations that recognize this and also recognize the new landscape in which a much larger role for teamwork is laid out, commit themselves to executives who can develop their teams. The fact that these managers must first be able to manage themselves speaks for itself.

If you are unsure whether your MD programmes adequately provide for the development of people managers, we would like to talk. Because even though the one person has more of an innate talent than others, the development of teams can be learned. And also must be learned if you do not want to drop the ball.

Possible themes:

  • servant leadership
  • increasing authenticity – impact
  • balance between thinking and doing
  • communication, conflict handling
  • common ground, ownership
  • collaboration
  • team phases and team development
  • ethics

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