How we work

Our working method derives from a systemic vision. Meaning that we will always strive for synthesis, and approach the individual, team and organisation as constituent, inseparable parts. You can find more about this in the vision, approach and method below.

Van oud naar nieuw


Change is needed. Because we find ourselves in a time of upheaval and things did not go back to ‘normal’ after the crisis. And that is for the best, because the ‘normal’ was self-centred and the cause of much misery.
We have to grow from ‘less I’ to ‘more we’, since this serves everyone’s interests best. This requires an ethical predisposition, individual self-knowledge and development, the bundling of talents and the search for synthesis. And servant leadership that supports this development.
Not an easy task. Because over the past 60 years the individual has gained ground, and those who profiled themselves most reaped the greatest rewards. So there is work to be done; for you and for us. How we go about this can be read below.

Minder ik en meer wij. Van individueel naar groep.

What we do

Our approach aims at synthesis. At developing and interweaving individual and group talents and at an attitude that focuses on serving the collective interest. In short, collaboration. Because this is the key to ethics, effectiveness and sustainability, as well as self-development and job satisfaction.

We help to make the change to ‘more we and less I’, whereby the individual, paradoxically, doesn’t weaken, but in fact grows in value. We do so by providing insight into systems, undercurrents and cross connections, and by shining a light on the force fields that seem to determine behaviour, collaboration and results. We differentiate between cause and effect and map out the development direction. Together with you, we formulate a development plan that does justice to who you are and that stretches your areas of development where possible. We guide with practical advice, coaching, training and/or study programme based on a unique key to sustainable development.

Sleutel tot ontwikkeling.


The DevelopmentKey is a unique analysis that maps the ground pattern of your personality or the DNA of your team or organisation, and shines a light on the development direction that suits you. Indispensable for achieving results, because development should fit who you are.

After all, developing means growing into a better version of yourself, as innate potential gets unfolded and flaws get ironed out. This applies to the individual, team and organization. But what if you do not know exactly who you are? There is a difference between what we do and who we are, and amid the search for our DNA and the accompanying development direction we easily lose ourselves in a melting pot of values, aspirations, talents, motives, desires, quirks, contradictions, causes and effects.

That is what Symbool did. We developed a unique analysis that maps the ground pattern of your personal behaviour or that of your team or organisation. It provides a view below the water level, offering systemic insight into the cross connections and undercurrents, in connecting values and conflicting norms, in systems of thought and communication patterns, in complementary qualities and contradictory opposites. The analysis also distinguishes between motives and aspirations, values and desires, causes and effect, intention and action, engaged leg and relaxed leg. And also the difference between nature and nurture. Essential, since ‘nature’ determines the development direction and ‘nurture’ channels the development.

These analyses, IDK © analysis (individual) and CDK © analysis (teams and organisations) offer a sustainable foundation for targeted development. Since they do not merely entail a momentary picture of your personality or organisation, but map ‘DNA’. This is why the analysis forms the basis for finding the right focus, for anticipating future events and formulating a development strategy. But also for transforming behaviour, team or organisational culture, positively influencing communication and collaboration, and achieving goals.

IDK © = Individual Development Key, CDK © = Collective Development Key

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