Becoming a servant leader (coaching)

Practical information

  • What is it: individual coaching trajectory
  • Content : analysis of personality profile (IDK-Analysis), personal development, leadership, cooperation
  • Teaching methods: individual coaching, mini workshops, case-driven translation to practice
  • Aim: to increase the impact of your leadership style
  • Yield: insight into oneself and being able to better facilitate the development of person, team or organization
  • Target group: managers, consultants and others who manage development and work processes
  • Duration: approx. 6 to 9 months
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About this trajectory

As a manager, you encounter challenges that relate to your leadership style and/or the development of your team or organisation. Such as problems in cooperation, innovation, co-creation, cultural change or serving the interests of your target group. You would like to begin, but perhaps it is not clear enough how you can approach these challenges successfully.

This coaching programme offers leads. Comprising of, among others, a new look at your leadership style and the surprising connection with your inner disposition, qualities and learning points. With insight into group dynamics, systemic cohesion, resistance and development. An important source of knowledge to a (future) servant leader. A leader who steers with heart and mind, makes ethical considerations and aspires toward sustainability. A leader who prioritizes the group and puts it at the centre, who spearheads personal and team development and inspires colleagues to join him in doing so.

Because only servant leaders contribute to the organisation of tomorrow, we would be like to be your partner in this intensive programme. A programme in which surprising insights and practical ‘coaching on the job’ reinforce each other.


  • servant leadership
  • change management
  • authenticity, or ‘that’s just who I am’
  • difference mind, heart, emotions; what to do with them? 
  • action-reaction in communication and cooperation
  • facilitating and supervising
  • group interests and individual interests
  • ethics and sustainability
  • success; cooperation or competition?

More about the background of servant leadership

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