Als eensgezind MT aan het roer

MT Unanimous steering

Practical information

  • What is it: workshop series (following Team Analysis or Bundling Team Talent Together)
  • Content: joint vision, strategy, leadership and common ground
  • Form: workshop (s)
  • Aim: increasing influence, unity in management
  • Yield: effectiveness by joining forces
  • Target group: management teams that want to manage in a clearer and more effective way
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About this workshop series

Your management team is in order. You know each other’s qualities and shortcomings and know that these are so close together that they can lead to reciprocal complementarity and also to friction. With this knowledge a greater unity has already been achieved. But what comes next?

After all, an MT is a means to realize results and not an end in itself. Realizing these results requires more than good relationships alone. A shared vision for example. A comprehensive strategy, clarity in terms of management style, and common ground among your people. And last but not least, insight into the effect of the team on the organization. You may inadvertently invoke opposing forces, creating your own headwind and putting results at a distance.

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