Cultural analysis

Practical information

  • What is it: assessment of organisational culture
  • Content: establishing DNA of the organization (CDK)
  • Form: workshops, conversations, interviews
  • Goal: mapping out talents, opportunities, obstacles and development direction
  • Yield: insight into (internal) behavioural dynamics/force fields that determine development
  • Target group: higher management, executive bodies
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When the organisational culture weakens your effectiveness, negatively impacts your image or leads to poor customer and employee satisfaction figures, the time has come to act. Not by solely restructuring, tightening the rules once again or simply teaching different behaviour. But by understanding what is behind and lies within the trends and facts that are identified. 
Because an organisation is an entity of its own – with its strengths and pitfalls. In a similar way as with people, the causal depth of these pitfalls are not always known and understood. Without insight into the invisible undercurrents it becomes incredibly difficult to develop successfully, if not impossible.

The cultural analysis (CDK ©) offers systemic insight into the DNA of your organization and the interwoven development direction that follows from it. This analysis provides the basis for a development that suits you. A sustainable development. Because your natural and cherished values are safeguarded and constitute the engine to transform characteristic impediments into crucial stepping stones to your development.

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