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Tineke Liefhebber (1950)

How do people bring out the best of themselves? By the way, how do they know what’s in it? This has kept me busy since I entered the maze that is human development almost a century ago.

‘Maze’, because it is a quest through invisible pitfalls and blind roads, and because the usual maps, trails and directions do not help me much further. Too many clichés, too many beaten paths, and at the same time, too many tracks leading astray.

I decided to follow my own compass, clearly with the risk of definitively losing all sense of direction. But my carrier pigeon instinct led me to discover fascinating polar and complementary forces within which people develop themselves by trial and error. A discovery that provided the foundation to the Symbool method.

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Gaitske Jedema (1965)

Yes, it is true, we never stop growing. But I doubt whether I will ever make the quantum leap that followed my acquaintance with the DevelopmentKeys again.

Because these keys draw context that I, along my endless search for motives and patterns within behaviour, never encountered before. All arguments against objective self-criticism disappeared as a result.

This proved more than sufficient reason for an intensive in-company training at Symbool 20 years ago. Partly because of this personal experience, I can introduce people to the explanatory and liberating power of these insights and method. Which also helps me build the world of tomorrow.

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