Strategic advice

Practical information

  • What is it: organisational advice regarding development strategy
  • Content: design of an action plan
  • Form: advisory talks (if necessary on the basis of a cultural analysis)
  • Aim: aligning the development strategy and providing support to implementation
  • Yield: influence on the culture/force fields in your organization
  • Target group: higher management, executive bodies
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You seek change. The goal is clear. You know where you want to go, but the route still needs configuring. Maybe you are in doubt about a small matter and merely want someone to think along. Or perhaps you envision a sustainable transformation of your culture or approach. A trend break, a different morality or other image. Less conservative, more solid, ethical, customer-oriented or a better working environment. That requires a thorough approach.

We like to think along with you about strategy, since our insight into undercurrents, interconnectivity and paradoxes can pierce through to the essence, recognizes snares and traps, and prevents the treatment of symptoms instead of the cause. But also because our keen eye for the unrelenting law of cause and effect helps prevent resistance during implementation. Besides, we are happy to act as a thorn in everyone’s side to remain alert to one’s own part in the desired change, if necessary.

Symbool watches along. Helps to plot a line. Helps keep the pace and course by recognizing undercurrents and signs of stagnation at an early stage and by helping to translate these to resistance-reducing actions. We listen carefully, see a lot, mirror and kick against holy houses if needed. Gently, of course, because polarisation works counterproductive.

Other types of organisational advice we offer

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