Synthesis; destination and place of birth?

Building bridges, inclusion, diversity, participation and integration. Noble attempts to synthesise in a divided society where chosen solutions stem from thinking in opposites. After all, they are based on thinking in separate ‘species’ that need to be united; one may – or is even obliged to – join the other. Dualistic thinking that almost certainly allows the moral right of the strongest to prevail, with which we confirm the inequality we wanted to resolve. It is therefore not surprising that our attempts at integration bear such little fruit.

What if we could see synthesis not only as the destination to be reached, but also as the underlying pattern that brings forward the alleged contradictions and inequality? In which case synthesis does not have to be achieved, but merely discovered, understood and embraced.

Male, female, young, old, straight, gay, immigrant, native, religious, atheist, white or coloured. Yes, it is different but above all it is diverse, colourful, beautiful, inspiring and educational. Since it is precisely through contrast that we polish and develop ourselves and each other. It is only in this way we discover the common birthplace that brings all of us forth. Underneath, we are already one. Let us step forward courageously in 2020!

Warm greetings, Tineke, Gaitske, Donjah en Annajorien

Aiming for synthesis

Intertwining colorful diversity into result-oriented unity

Synthesis and unity | Elimination of isolationism, resistances, narrow-mindedness, separation, the one versus the other. This uniting of contradictions is what motivates Symbool and characterizes her decades of expertise. We do this by utilizing your own uniqueness as an individual, a team or organisation. By tapping into complementary qualities and intertwining them with those already existing or known. Energy-consuming resistances are thus transformed into a springboard to collective goals. Into an inspired, result-oriented driving force within yourself, your colleagues and your organisation. A force that serves everyone’s interest. Ought to serve, because only united we can progress. Read more about how we work.


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