Did covid turn on the light?

Did covid turn on the light?

2020 was harsh, yes, most definitely. Corona intensified polarization, struggle and fear in the world, but the year fortunately also scattered hopeful sparkles of light.

One of these we read in a Dutch newspaper which recently interviewed 400 members of our highest administrative tier. For them too, the crisis had “turned the world upside down”.

The pandemic caused almost three quarters of them to think differently. About vulnerabilities in healthcare and the job market, about the open economy, sustainability, inequality, the importance of the public sector, the role of the government and international (European) cooperation.

As many as 70% called a ‘great reset’ necessary to overcome the acute corona crisis, but also to address numerous major underlying problems. Such as climate crisis, social divisions, polarization, poverty and inequality *. The Netherlands are not unique. Similar observations reached us from international news media.

This is music to our ears. Such a ‘great reset’ however is not going to happen by itself. We hope it inspires servant leaders to step forward and guide it. Women and men who keep the collective interest in mind and inspire others to do the same. Who understand the interdependency of occurrences and see how we can transform contradictions into collective goals. Who facilitate this by recognizing and interweaving everyone’s ideas and possibilities.

We look forward to this joining of forces in order to jointly convert ideas into concrete actions. Symbool will join, because it is the only way forward.

Hence: courageously and hopeful forward in 2021.


Warm greetings, Tineke, Gaitske, Donjah en Annajorien

Source: https://www.volkskrant.nl/nieuws-achtergrond/het-moet-nu-echt-anders-vindt-de-elite-wat-zijn-haar-overwegingen~bf83859dc/

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