Wherever we look, we see a world in disarray. Not only in Ukraine, that is now literally in ruins, but across the globe gruesome atrocities are taking place on a daily basis.

The climate catastrophe, the migration tragedy and the growing dichotomy between rich and poor, to name but a few, are in fact subject of discussion, but hardly of action. Apparently people still think there is plenty of time to act, or that others ought to act first. Blind as bats to systemic interdependencies, we continue to water and weed our own little gardens. While it lasts…

Meanwhile, societal divisions deepen. Heated confrontations and fights for our own right, are putting people at each other’s throats. Tearing apart communities, both here and elsewhere.

Crucially, the deepest societal division does not centre around poverty and wealth. The collision is between renewing and conservative forces. Between preserving what we currently have and making sacrifices for our collective interest. This explains the diabolical alliances between prosperous populists and their less well-off voters. Aversion to change is what binds them, even though their motives are lightyears apart.

These bizarre bonds are to the detriment of the entirety of mankind. Even to that of populists, because it will cause them to miss the window of opportunity.

The window to a fairer society.

Therein lies the hope. Precisely because this division is heading towards a climax. As efforts to bring about change, invisible as they might seem, prove to be powerful enough to generate extremely conservative counter reactions. Just like industrialisation and fossil fuels once ushered in a new age, we are already on course to a fundamentally different society. And one day mankind will wonder why the old status quo was so strongly held on to.

So, courageously and hopeful forward in 2023!

Warm greetings, Tineke, Gaitske, Annajorien and Donjah

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